Welcome to the official website of author M.H. Vesseur. Here you can find everything he’s written, from the Radio Detective series to all of his short stories. You’ll find your way around, no doubt, so we can make room for the Radio Detective himself, Mr. Carl Pappas, star of seven novels by now. He’s got something to say, so here we go. (Oh, and there’s a special page for Dutch readers too.)

A word from the Radio Detective, Mr. Carl Pappas:

Poster0101.003“Welcome, everyone who has a heart for global business or a nose for crime fiction!

I’m Carl Pappas, bizz jockey and — unofficial — radio detective. You can read about my adventures in M.H. Vesseur’s novels “CEO Groupie”, “Die Rich”,  “Tax Me If You Can”, “Acid Asset”, “Nosedive”, “Power Play” and “Blood Border”.

It’s my job to keep a close eye on the international business community and talk about what’s going on. So all you business boys ‘n girls pay attention. Follow the blog or Twitter updates, or get the free e-mail newsletter from The Boardroom. And be good in business because you have a responsibility beyond your wallet.”

Truly yours,

Carl Pappas, bizz jockey and radio detective, host of radio show The Boardroom.

Listen to the Radio Detective:

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