7 reasons to read a “radio detective” novel

Poster0101.003What do you choose as your next read in a world full of crime novels? It could be helpful to check out these 7 reasons why choosing a “radio detective” crime novel just may be the right thing for you. What makes these short novels stand out, if not unique?

1. They’re short
Too many crime novels go on for too many pages. A lot of these novels would have benefitted from severe cuts. Three to four hundred pages is often too much, in my opinion. That’s were the radio detective novels come in: they’re compressed novels, waisting none of your time, telling a tight crime story and fitting right into your busy schedule. With about a hundred or so pages they’re a perfect read on the plane from one business meeting to the next, between reading one business case and the next.

2. They’re funny
Too many crime novels are too serious, if you ask me. Of course crime is a serious business. But aren’t you supposed to be reading these novels for fun to begin with? Without becoming comic novels, the radio detective books have their own kind of wit, and that sets them apart.

3. It’s entertainment, stupid
Even though the radio detective novels offer an added value (the hero of the stories is critical of the way businesses should behave) in the end it’s supposed to be entertainment. So let’s entertain you!

4. “Like classic adventures” a reviewer wrote
One reviewer referred to the radio detective novels being in line with classics like the Indiana Jones movies or the Tintin comics. The cliffhangers. The adventures. The hanging above ravines and the chases through jungles and industrial complexes. Sometimes things happen that are a bit over the top, but hey, that’s part of the fun.

5. Yes, crime can be less violent
Crime novels and TV series have become aggressively gross in recent decades. Never mind the fact that ultra violence sells – there’s simply a lack of alternatives for readers. The radio detective novels generally stay clear of serial killers, psychopaths, dismemberment, excessive violence and blood and so forth. There are enough (classic) novels that involve murder and violence to last you a lifetime anyway.

6. The radio detective is also the business community’s conscience
The hero of these short novels calls himself the Bizz Jockey. He talks to the international business community and receives many CEOs on his business talk radio show The Boardroom – and they’re all getting their ass kicked. The worldwide economy depends largely on the morales and attitudes of business people, says the radio detective, and they should all be held responsible.

7. All crimes are business related
The radio detective deals with business crimes, mainly. Through his radio show The Boardroom he has access to the worldwide business community and somehow gets involved in schemes and plots an misdemeanors.

Check out this page with all four radio detective novels “CEO Groupie”, “Die Rich”, “Tax Me If You Can” and “Acid Asset” or go directly to M.H. Vesseur’s author page on Amazon.com.

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