A soundbite from the new Bizz Jockey Carl Pappas novel “Die Rich”

M.H. Vesseur - Die Rich blogHere’s a soundbite from the second chapter of “Die Rich”, the new crime novel by M.H. Vesseur that stars the world’s #1 bizz jockey Carl Pappas. The team from his radio show The Boardroom is assembled. They talk about the next topics. They argue. They kick ass. Here is how it goes.

(Carl Pappas:) “I’m willing to attack anyone in my show and push them to the limit, but won’t attack anyone for being rich.”
“You’re such a liar,” said Solo. “I’m rich as hell and you’re picking on me all the time.”
They all laughed and shouted abuse. It was a chicken run. But it was a good start. At least one show was on track now. Four more to go.
Five shows a week — what a job.

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