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Carl Pappas, the bizz jockey (and radio detective), is feeling good about the prospects of environment-friendly plastics he’s discussing on his radio show “The Boardroom”. But as he soon finds out there’s something not right with the company behind it. Can the radio detective protect a lonely scientist against the schemes of a large corporation that smells money? Or will he be unable to stop a revolutionary asset from becoming really acidic? Buckle up for a race against arsonists, corporate crime, dogs, bullets and a dangerous industrial zone in the middle of a blizzard, softened only by some real team spirit.

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“Pick up the entire series and have yourself hours of reading pleasure!”
“This is definitely a different read, but one I feel will capture your attention.”
“Author M.H. Vesseur is a master at playfully morphing modern-day criminal scenarios into racy and burlesque drama.”

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