M.H. Vesseur (1963) is the author of surreal short stories for literary magazines in several countries, the Radio Detective series and The Hitomi Files.

The Radio Detective series stars the world’s #1 bizz jockey and – unofficial – radio detective Carl Pappas. He stars in the crime novels “CEO Groupie”, “Die Rich”,”Tax Me If You Can”, “Acid Asset” “Nosedive“, “Power Play” and “Blood Border”. The Radio Detective series also gave birth to a second series: “The Hitomi Files”, starring Hitomi Sakamoto.

Before the Radio Detective series, M.H. Vesseur wrote the novel “Lemniscaat” and many short stories for literary magazines in The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and the USA. Some of his stories have been collected in “Allusions”, or separately, such as “Burning Neil Armstrong” (an announcement of the super economy).

Among these short stories is “Sketches of a Worldwide Christo and Jeanne-Claude”, which has been dedicated to the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude. “Babyface Junkie” deals with the ultimate results of our quest for eternal youth. “In Snuff Park” reveals the extreme consequences of our longing to be entertained. “Beloved Stalker” tells the tale of an old star who is confronted with a tormentor from her long gone days of fame. Most of his short stories were translated by Paul Vincent. M.H. Vesseur is also an awarded copywriter and brand advisor in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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