Escape the tyranny of reality with UNFIT Vol. 1

The new UNFIT magazine is dedicated to the imagination. I really enjoyed it and gave it 5 stars on Amazon.

More than ever, reality has a stronghold over the hearts and minds of authors, publishers and readers alike. Imagination continues to suffer heavy losses now that the main event is no longer fiction itself, but any possible thread to reality. More and more readers seem to need threads that connect the book and its author to reality. Myths are more likely to be busted—as in the popular show Myth Busters—than cherished. Tolkien is now famous for New Zealand locations, when in fact he made it all up. Soon, an author will be forbidden to write about a country he has never visited, or a person he has not actually been or known. Bestsellers like The Da Vinci Code are debated for their verisimilitude rather than their imagination. Houellebecq’s Possibility of an Island is probably more famous for its supposed scientific accuracy than for its imaginative qualities. In this era of fading imagination, it is a relief to come upon a magazine that severs as many connections to reality as possible and returns to the pure imagination. Perhaps you would think that this magazine, UNFIT, might float in the clouds as a result, but the opposite turns out to be true: editor Daniel Scott White has made some razor-sharp choices for this first edition and this pays off very well; the selection of authors is exquisite and the stories themselves are stretching beyond… well, beyond. There are stories where the very rules of science have to be revised to match new events—all this without losing me as a reader. On the contrary, I enjoyed the flexibility of the stories and the flexibility they require of me. They were surprising, so going along wasn’t difficult. The rule for any story (be it in a book or on the big screen) is the suspension of disbelief. The quality of the new UNFIT magazine is that it brings back this suspension in a serious way, in the form of well-crafted stories. We should thank authors David Brin, Robert Silverberg, Eric Del Carlo, L.J. Cohen, Jerry Oltion, David R. Grigg, Joe Taylor, Emily Devenport and Bruce Golden for their freedom of thinking, and Daniel Scott White for UNFIT Vol. 1. See what you think! As far as I’m concerned: keep it coming.

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