First ‘Impromptus’ published by Longshot Island: why so short?

The May 2018 issue of Longshot Island magazine (cover above) brings M.H. Vesseur’s Impromptus III, VIII and XIII.

‘Impromptus’ are something new for M.H. Vesseur, although are somehow related to the palm-of-the-hands stories he’s been working on earlier. The Impromptus are very short, very quick ‘vignettes’ (as Daniel White, editor of Longshot Island calls them) written spontaneously from a sudden idea. They’re written in one stroke, not through endless editing or concepting. Finally, the ones that ‘work’, are selected. There’s more to it than that of course, and it’s only a beginning because new Impromptus keep emerging. Three of them, the numbers III, VIII and XIII, have just now been published in Longshot Island magazine.

M.H. Vesseur: ‘It began in January 2017, unexpectedly. And then it continued, unexpectedly and with sudden bursts. By now I’ve written dozens, all of them in moments of improvisation, and I’ve asked Paul Vincent to edit them. It’s still a journey and I’m still discovering the point of the Impromptus, and the soul of this special format. They’re shorter than a Nick Cave song lyric but they’re still prose. Perhaps there’s a need inside me to be writing more like stroking a brush instead of putting a whole narration down. Perhaps the extensive narration of our times, through the incessant pouring of news and stories by the media and the social media, is starting to wear us out. Perhaps I feel a need to be less precise and, by doing so, allow more space for readers to contribute to the story.’

‘I’m very happy with the recognition from Longshot Island. There is more that’s going to happen with the Impromptus as far as I’m concerned, and this is a fine beginning.’