Inspiration flowing freely

I’ve not been sitting still, if that’s what you think when looking at the time gap between this post and the last one. And because I’m a writer of fiction first, sometimes I have to follow my ideas before I follow-up on anything else—such as blogs. I suppose that’s a good point to start picking it up again on this here blog page.

As Daniel White, editor of Longshot Magazine, writes in his essay The Lifecycle of an Artist, there can be a phase in the life of a writer when he or she doesn’t care about the opinion of others. I’m clearly in that phase because I do my fiction writing purely for myself as a way to express whatever occurs in the realm of the subconscious. 2017 has been good to me and 2018 is good to me so far in the sense that I have been surprised by the things that emerged. I like the spontaneous, although I don’t object to making long hours on a more or less plotted story. There are times when one thing happens and there are times when the other thing happens — but now they are both happening at the same time. I do believe, though, that the spontaneous only occurs when there are no expectations, no deadlines and no budgets.

Currently I am working on two works, one of which is a real project with a certain audience in mind, where I more or less collaborate with proof readers who give feedback, the other is a purely spontaneous series of short stories that happen when they happen (usually when I’m in a vacuum of time, outside of the work week). They co-exist. The only downside is that it’s too early to tell you more — but I expect more news on both works in the coming months.

2017 has been dedicated to both works-in-progress and I didn’t want to focus on anything else, such as maintaining this website. But it’s shocking to see how quickly a blog becomes outdated, so it’ll be good to start sharing some of the developments this year.