On Music For Work And Film Music

Recently, two articles by M.H. Vesseur have been published on the Mythaxis platform. The first piece is a report from the daily life of the author and how he uses music to force the mind to focus. The second piece is entirely about the history of film music, all the way since the demise of the Silent Movie era in 1928-1929, but obviously not in its entirety. Everything from Morricone to JunkieXL and from Hitchcock to Tarantino and from Williams to Queen—more randomness here!—is in this piece. Come to think of it, the most played music on the author’s daily playlists sincs the 1980s must undoubtedly be from composers Ennio Morricone, Simeon ten Holt and Vangelis. So, there you have it. Here are the links, with sincere thanks to Mythaxis editor Daniel White for bringing it up in the first place:

Music While Attempting a Moon Landing, published May 2020

A Brief History of the Sound of Movies, published October 2020