Out now: “Die Rich”, the second short crime novel starring Carl Pappas

M.H. Vesseur - Die Rich blogAs expected the world’s #1 bizz jockey Carl Pappas returns in his second short crime novel: an encounter with some very rich people, with some unpleasant side effects.

Carl Pappas’ radio show ‟The Boardroom” is both loved and feared by the global business community. He has a sharp eye for business news and the big mouth of a talk radio host. This time around he has some very wealthy guests joining him on his show: two billionaire entrepeneurs and their future successors, who also happen to be their sons. Of course it doesn’t take the bizz jockey a very long time to upset some of his guests and his audience — and that same night the bizz jockey finds himself heading into dangerous waters, in the hands of some very angry rich people. His team — producer Hitomi Sakamoto and sound engineer Don Wozniak — is forced to go out and rescue their reckless boss. And then there are the rich kids they have to deal with…

“Die Rich” is a short crime novel and the second installment in the series about bizz jockey Carl Pappas. It is now available in the Amazon Kindle Store worldwide. Go to ‟Die Rich” on Amazon.