“Target Churchill” by Warren Adler and James C. Humes is a clever novel and a fine read

Warren Adler Target Churchill“They will all have to learn the truth the hard way”

Somewhere in the heat of the “Target Churchill” action I was shocked. Warren Adler does it again, I thought. He knocks out his reader after a meticulous buildup, after we get to know the characters. And it’s not just a shock: it’s embedded in history this time. The event makes perfect sense and yet I did not see it coming. If that’s not  a compliment, I don’t know what is. Since I’m only familiar with the works of Warren Adler I cannot judge the role of co-author James C. Humes, but of course I suppose we can contribute the many qualities of this book to both writers. It’s full of history as we know it and sometimes don’t, so there was both recognition and stuff to learn for me. The pace is nice: there’s background and action interwoven. There are twists and turns. There is a breathtaking climax. And most of all: there are very human characters here, and the influence of “the master of disfunction” (Adler) is obvious. Both historical and fictional characters are alive and kicking. This is a clever novel by skillful authors, you can read this right in the line of Greene or Le Carré. It’s a tough story about the beginning of that tough time, the Cold War. “They will all have to learn the truth the hard way,” says Churchill and that says it all. See what you think.