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Irresistible kick-ass Hitomi Sakamoto starts her own series (after seven Radio Detectives) with “North”

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While business talk radio show host Carl Pappas is the undisputed hero of my Radio Detective series, it became clear very early on that his producer Hitomi Sakamoto added some serious spice to the stories. Here’s a woman of our times, who is not hired because she’s young and beautiful, but because she kicks ass. When Hitomi Sakamoto walks into the room, all men in the radio studio pay attention. Hitomi Sakamoto is in charge.

So the feedback I got from friends an readers was always about Hitomi. There are other sidekicks in the series that tell a telling story of their own, but Hitomi was always number one. After seven Radio Detectives I decided it was time to let the feisty radio producer out on her own and see what kind of trouble she could get into that needed a writer — me — to bail her out.

That turned out to be a lot more work than I had anticipated. Once I had a plot and had started writing chapter one, all kinds of stuff kept me from continuing. For the first time in years I found myself in the most difficult position a writer can be in: I had to postpone writing for a while. To my surprise, the first adventure of Hitomi continued to evolve in the back of my head. It moved from a relatively simple spin off to a much more complex and more personal adventure story. While I was in months of limbo and was unable to do any writing at all, the back of my head held its own board meetings and decided — more or less in my absence — that the author M.H. Vesseur had to up the ante and dive deeper.

North_cover_3DMockup-wood kopieBy the time I was able to reboot my writing, it had already happened: the premise of “North” had deepened considerably and the background of Hitomi Sakamoto had grown. Additionally I decided to hire an extra editor and ask a professional designer to make a new cover and a special Hitomi Files logo.

The result is a novel that has a long history (the history of the seven Radio Detective novels and a period of a year and a half of developing) that in the end became something bigger than I had imagined. It wasn’t planned this way; it just happened. The life of Hitomi Sakamoto is magical in that way: she came to be as a sidekick, a logical secondary character to the Radio Detective, but she became this powerful woman the very moment she walked onto the pages for the very first time.

Hitomi Sakamoto is irresistible. She is also an iron lady and would have shut me up after the first sentence and urge me to get to the point (which is, of course, the presentation of “The Hitomi Files One: North”).

Enjoy the energy and adventurous spirit of my beloved Hitomi Sakamoto!

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North — The Hitomi Files: One

The only enemy who has the capacity to remove all of mankind from the earth, is the virus. Imagine the worst of them all, a true 21st century killer. It lies dormant in the remote laboratory of a pharmaceutical giant whose hopes of making billions off a vaccine somewhere in the future throw a dark shadow ahead. Then Hitomi Sakamoto, the hard boiled radio producer who’s on a rough vacation in the wild nature of the north, stumbles upon this dark secret. She is drawn into a final battle between ruthless scientists, a greedy corporation, desperate but dangerous environmental activists, a cold-hearted assassin and… a manmade virus that longs to escape.

Hitomi Sakamoto first appeared in the Radio Detective novels by M.H. Vesseur. Immediately popular for her iron work ethics and razorsharp tongue, Hitomi outgrew her boss (radio detective Carl Pappas) and now steps out of his shadow, into her very own adventure.

About the author

M.H. Vesseur published many short stories in literary magazines in The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and the USA and wrote seven Radio Detectives. He is also an awarded copywriter.

Acclaim for M.H. Vesseur’s work

“The Carl Pappas novels read like episodes from some imaginary TV series, a sort of mixture between The A-Team and House.” —about the Radio Detective novels
“Entertaining yet thought-provoking.” —about the Radio Detective novels
“Original and contemporary.” —about the short story In Snuff Park

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