The immigration issue needs more attention

Posters 1022.002As it turns out, even in fiction the immigration issue leads to debate! The first draft of my new Radio Detective novel “Blood Border” — due December 24 — led to different opinions and strong arguments about pros and cons. What’s your take on the immigration issue? I find it one of the great issues of our time, with walls being erected all over the world as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the demise of the dreaded Berlin Wall! One step forward and two steps back. Look at where we are now.

Unexpected comes this recent story of a family who spent more than a million dollars to go out in a boat and rescue 3000 immigrants from drowning. They offer no solution to the origins of the problem — war, poverty — but at least they do something. A very engaging story, but sad at the same time. While you’re at it, you realize the solution has to come from elsewhere. You can read the story here, on the website of BBC News.

I’m not imagining in the least that a Radio Detective novel can change any of this, but it feels good to be engaged as an author. I even got one of my readers to disagree with some of what I wrote! And if I sold a million books, who know, I may be able to do something more than just write. For now, pointing heads towards the immigration issue is a good thing for it concerns all of us.

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