Warren Adler’s “The David Embrace”: quality entertainment from a trustworthy author

Warren Adler - The David EmbraceIn the end it is not the author that makes a novel work. It is the reader. So if you read a review, make sure you know what kind of reader wrote it. As for me: I alternate between serious novels and pure entertainment. I read authors like J.M. Coetzee and Ian McEwan and J.G. Ballard because they’re serious and they make me work. They don’t go easy on me. When I’ve finished one of their novels I immediately skip to an author who gives me some time off and entertains me without dumbing me down; one of them is Warren Adler. I do not think of one genre as less than the other because they both require craftsmanship. Seen from this point of view Warren Adler once again delivers with “The David Embrace“, published in 2010. It is fun, it is insightful and it is exciting. It reads like a movie, which makes sense because Warren Adler is also the author of two novels that became motion pictures: The War of the Roses, and Random Hearts. There is no point in discussing the overall plot here, because that has been done sufficiently by the publisher. So why is “The David Embrace” fun? Because Adler took me to Italy and France, to luxurious hotels and high society offices, exclusive swimming pools, remote villages in France etc. It has that James Bond big time feel. Why is it insightful? Because Adler knows a lot about people; he creates characters I enjoy following. Why is it exciting? Because there is a grand scheme going on, there is a killer on the loose, there are plot twists and it is erotic and romantic. In short it’s excellent entertainment. It’s a novel I’d like to read again. I hope you agree.